The Tit-Tee was developed by Golfers (with a sense of humor) for Golfers (with a sense of humor). It is a Fully Functional Novelty Golf Tee that will have your friends amazed next time you hit the links!


Each Tit-Tee is made with the Highest Quality Latex Rubber which makes it both Flexible and Virtually Unbreakable!

Each Tit-Tee is hand-painted and checked to assure Superior Quality and Craftmanship!

The biggest difference between a Tit-Tee and a conventional Golf Tee is that a Tit-Tee places your ball at the same height EVERY TIME YOU TEE OFF!


  • 100% Highest Quality Latex
  • Virtually Unbreakable
  • Hand Painted and Checked
  • Consistant Ball Height
  • Great Laugh on the Course!
Rest Your Balls on a Tit-Tee!

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